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President, Prof. Yun Yen

TMU's President, Prof. Yun Yen

Since Taipei Medical University's founding in 1960, it has gone through different stages embryonic, pioneering, planting roots, expansion and sustainable
development. Its history of 54 years, over half a century, is a proud one. 

Over this time frame TMU has advanced step by step, overcoming roadblocks and hurdles, building today's eminent institution of one school and three
hospitals, and decisively striding toward an ever better tomorrow. Looking back at the trials and tribulations, we are filled with gratitude toward our founders, the health professionals and teachers who have worked diligently together over the years, sacrificing on behalf of TMU, nurturing so many outstanding health professionals.

TMU's campus is located in the new urban center of the flourishing Xinyi District. Taipei 101 is just a short distance away. The university has seven
colleges: the College of Medicine, College of Oral Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, College of Public Health and Nutrition, College of
Medical Science and Technology, and College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
There are 12 departments and 23 graduate institutes at TMU, as well as the affiliated TMU Hospital, Wan Fang Medical Center and Shuang Ho Hospital, with a total of 3000 beds. The total number of faculty and staff members surpasses 6000, and there are over 6000 student as well. 

Over the past half-century TMU has educated many thousands of individuals of outstanding ability. Our alumni number over 38,000, and they are invariably among the elite in their fields. They are spread across the globe and work in health-care facilities, research institutes, government agencies and businesses. Possessing a deep sense of solidarity and a strong commitment to the development of their alma mater, they are TMU's strongest supporters and our most treasured resource.

In recent years, with TMU faculty, students, and alumni making concerted efforts, the university has experienced rapid development, and we have risen steadily in the QS World University Rankings. In 2014, TMU was ranked 46th among Asian universities and 363rd among all the world's universities. We also entered the ranks of the world's top 100 in the medicine category, and into the top 200 in the pharmacy & pharmacology category. This is a clear
demonstration of how the school's stellar performance has captured international attention and respect.

TMU has also been successful in cultivating its international outlook and promoting international academic exchanges, entering into sister school relationships with numerous well-known foreign universities, fostering close cooperation and exchanges, and significantly improving its standard of teaching and research. We are not complacent: we will continue to add to this solid foundation in our quest for ever better results.

Looking to the future, TMU will build on the energy and dynamism built up over five decades, and we will leverage these to achieve more innovative breakthroughs in teaching, research and service. We are confident that TMU's destiny is to march out from Taiwan onto the global stage, and to become a truly world-class university.

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