College of Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Dean: Timothy Lane, Ph.D.
Tel: +886-2-27361661 ext.2810
Email: timlane@tmu.edu.tw

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Graduate Institute of Humanities in Medicine
Director: Yih-Ren Lin, Ph.D.

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E-Mail: med.human@tmu.edu.tw
Graduate Institute of Health and Biotechnology Law
Director: Chung-Hsi Lee. Ph.D.

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E-Mail: tm-sinesd@tmu.edu.tw
Center for Foreign Language
Center for Liberal Arts
Director: Win-Chi Lin, Ph.D.

We are devoted to education of foundation that will provide a sold ground for further studies, instead of giving skin-deep entertaining courses;
We are focused on education of intellectuality that adheres to the ideals of the university, instead of giving courses at the introductory level;
We are determined to provide education with an openness and flexibility of integration and application, instead of emphasizing specialty with a possible risk of restriction;
We are dedicated to enlighten our students with a heart devoted to understanding, interpreting, dialoguing, and problem solving, instead of giving them an answer with one-dimensional authority;
And lastly, we are contributed to a cultivation of a sense of morality and work ethic with a mind devoted to compassion, devotion, responsibility, and service.

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E-Mail: ge@tmu.edu.tw
Center for Reflective Writing
Brain and Consciousness Research Center
This research team is dedicated to the study of consciousness and self. Most, if not all, medical practitioners necessarily consider both of these phenomena when treating patients. This is self-evident from the many applications of anesthesiology, the care of those suffering from chronic pain, the treatment of those suffering from brain trauma or psychiatric illnesses, etc. And for millennia philosophers have been trying to develop conceptual frameworks that can characterize and explain these phenomena. But for the most part medical practitioners and philosophers have worked independently of one another.

Over the last 15+ years though, as for example evidenced by activities sponsored through the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (http://www.theassc.org/ ), scientists and philosophers have been collaborating with ever more frequency and productivity. Our team will pursue collaborative efforts of this sort. We will take those theoretical or philosophical frameworks which are experimentally tractable, and apply them to the study of specific medical issues, including: depression, schizophrenia, brain trauma, persistent vegetative states, etc.

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Tel: +886-2-27361661 ext. 2812
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E-Mail: tingyi@tmu.edu.tw ; timlane@tmu.edu.tw
Cultivation of Young Scholars: Philosophy of Consciousness
Our project is designed to help attract talented young scholars to the study of philosophy and related disciplines by doing the following: (a) concentrate on a growth area, the philosophy of consciousness; (b) collaborate among all the major philosophical approaches--analytic, continental, Buddhist, etc.; (c) work with young faculty teaching in this area, in all parts of Taiwan; (d) establish study groups in all parts of Taiwan; (e) run workshops and host conferences that involve international scholars who are willing to work with our young scholars-scientists; (f) coordinate with the Taiwan Philosophical Association; (g) fund Teaching Assistants for faculty who teach related courses; (h) provide scholarships for students writing their MA or PhD theses; and, (i) help create opportunities for studying abroad.

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Tel: +886-2-27361661 ext. 2802/2812
Fax: +886-2-27360673
E-Mail: paulcwc@tmu.edu.tw; josh_kuo@tmu.edu.tw; timlane@tmu.edu.tw
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