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Taipei Medical University sent a team of ten dental students to Swaziland during the winter break on February 5 to 16 to assist Swaziland allies with medical volunteer services, This is the first time a "dental clinic" as the theme of the history of the country to service overseas students volunteer groups.

Winter holidays are short and often not the first choice of students engaged in volunteer services, but TMU teams are willing to spend 12 days, apply the dentist in the squad, led by the completion of three large-scale dental clinic, dental screening of thousands of persons people, for the number of pit and fissure sealing to prevent tooth decay also fill up a hundred people.

Service team captain Yang Zhihao said in the past there TMU summer overseas volunteer, services are mostly simple hygiene education, with camp activities, "We hope to engage overseas medical services, general volunteer service if not necessary especially in winter Go. "[Figure: TMU 10 students and accompanying dentists to practice physician Qi (front row, left) in the outcome of the March 5 meeting to share the photo]

Yang Zhihao pointed maple apricot medical care dental clinic group has many experiences in the country, but also related equipment, coupled with the TMU post in Swaziland Medical Corps liaison, confirmed the lack of local dental specialist clinic, dental clinic is then selected The overseas volunteer service themes. [Figure: dentist visits (left) and help kids fluoride (right)]

The GFS (3 Department of Medicine, Department of 5 dentists, two of Pharmacy students) by 10 big boys and a squad composed of dentists, students mostly from high school, or have had Swaziland services Experience. "Chronic necessarily be solved through a free clinic, dental pain, but may be able to." Teams expressed the hope to send the dental clinic with a toothbrush, brushing teaching health education and regular local dental health. [Figure: BeiYiDa GFS students teach children to brush their teeth (left), and presented local chiefs toothbrush (right)] Although the history of the country is the world's highest HIV prevalence in the country, according to official statistics, about three percent of people are suffering from AIDS. Dental clinics charge, TMU dentistry fifth grade Hongwei Chen said, the clinic provided or to "protect themselves", in addition to preparing a large number of disposable masks, gloves and alcohol disinfection, members also shipped from Taiwan with a machine to sterilize equipment at high temperature, high pressure sterilization may be required to re-use equipment.

Second year medical department is now studying Jane Wei-ting for the second time to visit Swaziland, he noted that the clinic more aware of local needs, if simple fillings, to help the locals may not be, "Our clinic is only one or two days, how They can become 365 days? "So members began to imagine the locals to discuss with your doctor, decided to take fluoride, fissure sealing filling and other preventive treatment. During the 10 days, the service team completed more than one thousand people in the oral screening, for one thousand fluoride to prevent tooth decay, and for hundreds of people to do fissure fill seal to avoid ineffective and cause back teeth cleaning tooth decay. [Figure: Service classmate Get kids toothbrush]

Yang Zhihao pointed out that as a team for up to ten days, not on some dentists with time, but some have expressed concern dentists direct HIV infection risk, unwilling to go.

Finally, in a chance encounter, TMU attached to the oral facial surgeon Medical Qi exercise, since 2009, he worked in Swaziland Medical Corps service one year and three months, he said, after receiving the news almost 1,2 within minutes to decide on their own to go, "because it is rare, meaningful opportunities." [Figure: Qi physician to help kids do the oral examination]

Qi exercise was then struck by the simplicity of the people and culture of the land and scarce medical resources, he admired this trip 10 students courage, "the harvest is also up to them"; believe that students not only significantly enhance the professional capabilities through the "real" mind More from different ambitions.

Dental Department of the Big Five Star is the second time to Chen Swaziland, he said that the history of the country through the dental clinic confirms what they have learned in the classroom, students see peer dentistry each particular case will be shared, with Qi exercise physician carefully taught in medical professional help considerably. [Figure: Large health education]

Hongwei Chen said, arrived in the history of the country, on the history of the country and the beautiful green landscape of European architecture surprised, but as close to the countryside, he attracted the attention of the kids barefoot, dressed in shabby uniforms, hand clutching miscellaneous Congee, but laughed so happy to meet. The gap to his shock, dismay, but also learned to do in the local dental clinic significance. He said he determined to become a pediatric dentist, whether or when the application Substitute dentists are "very want to do dental clinics in Africa" ​​and even expect to find more dentists clinics abroad. "Dentistry is really not common in Africa, we can help them do more." [Figure:] [photo together with the children the following diagram: History of the lush green country landscape (left) and happy to meet pupils (right)]

Dentistry with a fifth-grade许程杰the share prior to volunteer service has some "disillusioned", questioning even though there are filled with blood, "a local but also because of our efforts changed much? But this time I do not feel like receiving more than just pieces sprouting seeds to be paid, it is an ability to more cultivators. "He mentioned that in the oral health education or during the clinic, watching a small black eyes, from the innocent, curious to happy and trust, They may think because of his efforts to reduce the chances of tooth decay, reduce toothache inconvenience, "a day after the end of the trip, even if tired, but there is a bulging hearts wonderful feeling." (text / Management Development Centre International Medical Group ‧ Secretariat ) Joycechin published  
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