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Poster:International OfficePost date:2015-03-16
TMU Scholarship Application for next academic year (2015-2016) is open, please find attached the “Regulations for Taipei Medical University International Student scholarships” for details. Below is a list of documents that you'll need to submit to renew your scholarship:
Article 8
To apply for a scholarship, applicants must present the following documents:
2. Continuing students should provide:
a)      Scholarship application form
b)      All TMU academic transcripts
c)      Two letters of recommendation
d)      Performance evaluation form from the current semester (to be completed by applicant’s project supervisor)
e)      Other supplementary documents such as the scores of GRE, GMAT and Mandarin proficiency exams, professional licenses, papers, theses, awards or competition results (must be in Chinese or English)
Article 10
Recipients of TMU scholarships must select projects that they will work on within the first month of the academic semester and must perform project work as assigned. Project supervisors will be asked to evaluate students’ performance; these evaluations will be taken into consideration when recipients re-apply for scholarships. Evaluations will be conducted according to the TMU Performance Evaluation Guidelines for Recipients of International Student Scholarships.
Article 9
Evaluation and approval:
1. Evaluations will be conducted by the International Student Scholarship Committee. The committee will also disburse the scholarships.
2. The eleven-member International Scholarship Committee will be chaired by the President of TMU or a designated representative, and will also comprise the deans of each college and of the Academic Department, of the International Office and of Research and Development. The meeting coordinator may also invite international student advisors and international student representatives.
3. Applicants with contracts signed between Taipei Medical University and their respective Government will be evaluated according to the contract.
You must turn in your scholarship renewal packet to Yuting Yeh by Thursday, April 10 , no late application will be accepted.
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