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Poster:International OfficePost date:2015-04-27
Two student intern / technician positions available at the Zhong lab at Rice
University. These positions will be for six months with possibility of
renewal afterwords. Salary is $1500/month for student interns and
commensurate with experience for technicians.

The students will participate in one or more of the following projects: 1) C.
elegans anti-viral gene networks. We will use an RNAi screen to find genes
that change the animal resistance to viral infections. 2) C. elegans cancer
gene screen. We will use an RNAi screen to find genes that can suppress or
enhance the function of brc-1 (worm homolog of the human breast cancer gene
brca1). 3) Movement disorder genes. We will study mutant locomotive behaviors
and electrophysiology in Drosophila and C. elegans to find genes that are
involved in movement disorders. 4) Computational biology. We will build a
bioinformatic database to predict genetic interaction networks. We will also
analyze the behavioral and electrophysiological data collected from project 3.

Requirements: Attention to details, good organization skills, efficient time
management, effective communication skills.  Projects 1-3 require good
experimental skills, previous research experience in C. elegans or Drosophila
is preferred but not required. Projects 4 requires strong computational
skills such as Java programming, MySQL management and query, MatLab scripts.
 For the intern positions, the students must be at least seniors.

To apply: Please email weiwei.zhong@rice.edu your CV, a copy of transcript
(an unofficial one is ok), and indicate which projects you are interested in.
The deadline for application is April 29th.  Earlier application is strongly
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