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Message from Tohoku Fukushi University

E-paper:TMU Outwards
Poster:IOAdminPost date:2011-03-17
Quake-hit TMU sister school sends news
I would express my deepest thanks and appreciate for your letter of sympathy and strongest encouragement to me as well as Tohoku Fukushi University. This is just an interim reply to let you be kindly informed that I am OK against this serious situation.

No teaching staff including President Hagino of TFU has been harmed. I have one member in my crew who is living with his family just on the coast hit by the tsunami and who lost everything, but he is among those few who survived in that area.

On the other hand, Tohoku Fukushi University is infrastructurally damaged, so that we have high probability of having to cancel almost all events in the coming two months, including examinations, cerebration ceremony for graduation in March and for the fresh students in April. 

We cannot start our new academic year at least until the safety of classrooms and other facilities can be confirmed. this is expected to take at least two months.  I am also trying to contact my students who are actually living in or are from those tsunami-striken regions. I have not given up trying to contact them.
I was in Helsinki when the earthquake attacked, left from there for Narita in that evening flight via Frankfurt, had no transportation from Narita, but tried to reach Sendai with my friends’ help. Even so, it took two days for me to get to Sendai.

I just cannot believe why those honest ordinary fishermen, farmers, little kids, hopeful youths and elderly peoples enjoying their happiest times in life have to lose their future in this way. It is estimated that more than 20,000 will have been lost. The explosion of atomic power stations located in two of those tsunami-hit regions are just now increasing in seriousness.

This is just tragic. I have already joined with my students in volunteer action and we are trying our best to get close to and help those who were harmed.

On my flight back to Narita, there were special rescuers from Germany on board. The captain, on behalf of Japanese citizens, sent his greatest thanks for their braveness and friendship in a tearful message. All Japanese passengers did express the same, offering their biggest possible applause.

There are thousands of experts and volunteers from friendly nations already helping us here in these regions. Your country, your government, your expertise are of course among these. Thank you so deep for all of your sympathy and contributions.
Warmest regards and sincerely,

Koichi Ogasawara
TFU International Director

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