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 Being how Taipei Medical University is well rested in the city of Taipei, Taiwan, it’s no doubt that the location is well-provided with public transportation systems.

Before we begin, it’s important for any incoming student at TMU to know how to arrive at the city from Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport. The trip from Taoyuan airport, which is a bit westward from Taipei City, is not a long ride at all with a travel time of a little over an hour. It is best to take the CitiAir 1960 East Bus for those who are going to either the TMU dorms or straight to the TMU campus. As of the summer 2016, the bus fare is 145NT. The CitiAir 1960 East Bus runs daily and leaves every 30 minutes from terminal 1 and terminal 2 at the airport, so there should be no worry about missing a ride. More information on the busing system from Taoyuan, including times, fees, and other bus routes, is provided on the Taoyuan International Aiport’s website.

After taking the bus to its final stop at Taipei City Hall, there should be no hassle in finding the shuttle bus stop. This will be a first encounter with TMU’s free shuttle bus service. So long as the shuttle is found, arrival at TMU is guaranteed.

If, however, the determined destination is the TMU dorms so that luggages can be dropped off first thing, then it would be better get off the bus at the 4th stop after leaving the Taoyuan airport. This location is called the Far Eastern Plaza near the Liuzhangli MRT station, and the bus should leave you at the Far Eastern Plaza hotel. The place is very close to the TMU dorms, so luggages can first be settled before heading to the campus. Is baggage too much for walking? Not a problem at all, all that needs to be done is call a taxi cab and mention the TMU dormitories (“bei yi su se”). The fare for the cab will vary depending on the time of day.

On this website one should find information on the free TMU shuttle bus service. If there is any trouble finding the shuttle, do not be afraid to ask around. Taiwan is an English-friendly community and the people take pride in their hospitality and welcoming. Once you make it on that shuttle, you can relax and get ready for the TMU campus because it is ready for you!

It’s very useful to get to know the shuttle service at TMU because it can take you to an MRT metro station for free, allowing you to see other astounding places around the city. The MRT system of Taiwan is color coded, numbered, and named after its termini; which altogether makes it an easy travel from anywhere to anywhere in the city. In fact, one shuttle can take you near Taiwan’s famous Taipei 101 building, which also has its own MRT station! The shuttles could also take you to other transportation services such as the High Speed Rail, which could potentially make planning easy for a nice trip to see the beautiful sights at Taichung and Tainan!

And if you’re really a lover of the outdoors, you should really think into registering for U-Bike privileges. It’s a healthy and fun way to explore the city. Many streets have bike lanes for organized biking so try it out sometime! Just remember to look both ways when crossing the street and, more importantly, hydrate yourself (Taiwan is HOT)!

~Written by Anderson Tsai Wang
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