Sorbonne's Lutomski speaks on proteomics 20 Sept.

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TMU is hosting a world-renowned proteomics expert in Taipei to address a major conference. Here is Dean Thierry Burnouf's introduction; please contact GIBMTE Administrator Erin Huang (erin.Huang@tmu.edu.tw) if you have questions.

<<Professor Didier Lutomski from Sorbonne-Paris-Cité -University Paris 13, France, will give a seminar (Mu-Shan) on Sept 20 on "Application of innovative proteomic approaches to study protein adsorption on biomaterials" (He will also invited to give an oral presentation at the HUPO, 15th Annual Human Proteome World Congress in Taipei World Trade Center, Sept 18-22).

Prof Lutomski is the leader of the Tissue Engineering and Proteomics Laboratory, CNRS-UMR 7244- Biomaterials and Speciality Polymers Lab, and leader of the Proteomics core facility of University Paris 13. In his talk, Prof Lutomski will focus on the use of proteomic techniques available (e.g. high-resolution mass spectrometry) to characterize complex protein mixture adsorbed on biomaterials, with examples related to bone integration and regeneration.

Please note that we are finalising a MoU between Paris Sorbonne Cité-Paris 13 and TMU/CBME, so common research collaborations with Prof Lutomski and colleagues can be considered. Sorbonne Paris Cité University is a new consortium of Paris Universities comprising among others, Paris 5, 7, and 13, as well as INSERM labs.

Further information will soon be distributed to our MS and PhD students. Thank you!

Thierry Burnouf, PhD
Professor & Director
Graduate Institute of Biomedical Materials and Tissue Engineering
College of Biomedical Engineering
Taipei Medical University>> 
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