TMU’s Center for Education in Medical Simulation Passes SSH International Evaluation

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 During the past six years, only 54 medical simulation institutions around the world have passed the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) evaluation. TMU’s Center for Education in Medical Simulation in December 2016 became Asia’s first training center to qualify in both the “assessment” and “teaching/education” categories.


As the world’s largest medical simulation education society, SSH promotes medical simulation education, assessment, and research. SSH has offered global simulation education training evaluation and certification since 2010 to improve simulation education.

TMU has committed to developing medical simulation education to improve patient safety. In 2016, TMU applied for two SSH stringent evaluations to examine assessment and teaching quality. In addition to a documentary review, the international evaluation committee conducted a site visit to TMU on October 24. TMU passed the evaluations and a report showed that the center has met SSH standards. The International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH 2017) awarded the evaluation certificates to TMU on January 30, 2017, in Orlando, Florida, USA.



Through the evaluation, TMU’s Center for Education in Medical Simulation reviewed its educational and administrative processes comprehensively, improving simulation education quality to meet international criteria. This SSH evaluation also indicates the high priority TMU places enhancement on patient safety and on delivering the highest quality of care using global standards and impartial reviewers. 

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